About The New Anamelo.
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Anamelo Limited is an indigenous commodities and produce company specialized in renewable energy export with particular emphasis on production and export of hardwood charcoal. Incorporated in 2008, the company has been successful at opening up markets and exploiting premium quality charcoal supply gaps in the international market.

Anamelo started export operations in 2009 and over the last six years has steadily grown itself into a known name in the international market and recently in the production segment of the industry.

The company began operations as a mid level player, exporting only a few containers in its first few months conducting predominantly arbitrage transactions and profiting from margins derived from transaction matching. This period enabled it gain the unique insight into the problems plaguing the industry and the huge potentials that could be exploited in the sector and as a result its resolve to create long term sustainable value. It soon started exporting on its own and within a year became a household name in the charcoal export circles.

In a few months, Anamelo will complete its production facilities that will give it the capacity to produce 1x40 feet container of charcoal in 2 days with a view to get to a production capacity of 2x40 feet containers per day in 9-12 months all in its bid to satisfy the growing international market demand for premium hardwood charcoal that is very affordable and gain significant market share.

For the production plan to go on, the company has set in motion plans to acquire assets for its production, processing, bagging and storage facility. In the next five years the company plans to acquire additional 100-200 acres of land for the second phase of its sustainability project which is the establishment of its own managed forest. These acquisitions will represents a very strategic investment for the company with its potential to provide access to cheaper raw materials, open the pathway for acquiring FSC Certification (forestry stewardship certification).

Anamelo is duly registered with the NEPC and appears as number 45 on the list of performing exporters published on the NEPC website.

To ensure that the company achieves more efficiently its bottom line aspirations namely; increase efficiency, acquire further strategic assets, capture greater market share, increase profitability and ultimately attain “Major” status; the company has retooled and repositioned itself to take advantage of the many growth opportunities that have presented themselves in the industry and is set to become the defining force in the African Renewable Energy Market.

Our Vision!

Aspire to and attain leadership position in all chosen sectors.

Our Mission!

Provide best quality product that meets international standards thereby improving the financial wellbeing of stakeholders and operating communities in a sustainable manner.

Partners Needed
We are open to fresh ideas . . .

We are always searching for who are passionate about what they do and interested in providing satisfaction to their clientelle and wants to push further the business, develop new range of products or know-how - If this is you, then contact us

Our People
We are proud of our workforce and we believe that passionate people are the key to creating value!

Meet the team


Ed Ayeni
Chief Operations Officer
He is in charge of the day to day running of the entity and his duties include sourcing and maintaining relationships with international/local buyers, ensuring strict adherence to the quality requirements.


Fred Ayeni
Shipping/Logistics Officer
He oversees all port activities, which includes maintaining cordial business relationship with the shipping companies and with government port regulatory and revenue agencies.


Odeh Ogale
Finance & Administration Officer
Is in charge of Finance and Administration.