Our work and how we do it!

We take pride in what we do and how we do it to provide our customers the best quality products and services. Integrity and commitment to contract guidelines are our watchwords in all our undertakings because we believe our customers deserve only the best.

Charcoal Production & Packaging


Our production practices includes the use of traditional and improved charcoal retorts to produce premuim restaurant grade and barbecue charcoal. We package in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bags according to customer specification using kraft bag or polypropylene bags printed or plain.

Export Consulting & Contracting


We provide prospective entrepreneurs with requisite information to enable them navigate the roof waters of the export business. We conduct one to one or group consultations and also assist in securing export contracts for various commodities. For consultation, contact us here.

Wood Energy Products & Supplies


We have been supplying wood products mainly charcoal for over 6 years and our customers include local and international buyers. In a short while, our pellet, sawdust and charcoal briquette production will commence on completion of our production facilities. Check this page for updates!